Frequently Asked Questions


Where I can buy Hurricane fins?

You can primarily order our products via this website. Please use the contact form on this website to place your order or to ask individual questions.


Do you produce Formula windsurfing fins too?

Yes, of course we are still producing our well recommended Formula fins. But to keep our website as clear as possible, we did not publish information about these fins here. Do not hesitate to contact us to get information in detail.



Is it possible to ship the fins all over the world?

Yes, of course we can ship your final fins to every country where you live.


How long do Hurricane Fins have warranty?

You will get a warranty for 2 years on your Hurricane fins, which excludes damages resulting from ground contact and inappropriate use of the fin.


Can it happen that the new fin will not fit into the fin box of my board?

Don`t worry. We are producing the fin head always a little bit 

thicker than a standard fin box. So you can grind your fin head to adapt it perfectly to tolerances from board production.